Triangle Sum - A Sneak Peek

Many students who love Geometry share their disappointment with me upon finding WHAT?! Algebra in their Geometry class?!


Triangle Sum

What can we expect in a da Math Shop? Follow along in the videos below to get a sense of how Geometer's Sketchpad and da Math expertise combine to form a dynamic investigation.

In-person da Math Shops feature students exploring on their own computers, producing their own dynamic experiences. 



1 -What's in a conjecture? 

We need lots of measurements to make an educated guess. But, how can we model all the triangles in the world?!

3 - Hands On learning

Before continuing with our dynamic sketches, let's test the conjecture with a real-life triangle made out of paper. 

5- What's in a line? 

Rotations are transformations that maintain the size and shape of our original triangle. But, what's the POINT? 

2- Measuring Angles

Math is a universal language and as naming angles before measuring them is an important part of the process. 

4- Transformations

Let's rotate our triangles to explore how our conjecture may be true. 

6-Algebra in your geometry?

We see how an applicable algebra problem integrates with the investigation as well as a multiple choice question.